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About Us

Annie Kares was birthed from our parent entity Auntie Connie's Place Child Care.  Annie Kares is a mobile home care service. We bring qualified and caring providers to your home for a few hours to support and care for your child or children and/or seniors. We believe that "Love begins at home" and enjoy being an additional nurturing presence for children and seniors.

Mission and Vision

Annie Kares is on a mission to support families and their needs for quality and personalized care for their loved ones. Our business philosophy is threefold: customer service, trust, and confidence. The Annie Kares team believes that service is everything. We want to ensure that our clients have the trust and confidence that the care and service we provide will meet and exceed their needs and expectations. Service can be the difference between whether the client purchases and maintains the relationship with our company. It is therefore imperative that our team continues to remember and serve our clients in light of our P.U.R.E. brand promises:

  • Personalized care

  • Understanding & Interpersonal Communication

  • Reliability

  • Extensive family support.


Annie Kares' purpose is to provide reliable and trustworthy in-home services for children and seniors. We have various services to fulfill this purpose and through all our business interactions we want to adhere to several core values. These highlight our “Kares” for clients, employees, partners and the community.

  • Kingdom Focus – We are a Christian-based business that will include faith-based approaches to how we operate. From incorporating prayer in meetings, to following “the golden rule,” it is important that we lead with our faith and understanding that we are part of the Kingdom of God.

  • Availability – We want to remain present for our clients when they need us, including anticipating their needs when they may not realize they have a need. We are in the business of care, and part of caring is being available to those who need our services.

  • Reliability – It is part of our mission to be there for our clients, and mission critical that the families we serve can count on us to be there, to follow-through and to support them as a reliable service provider.

  • Empathy – We will constantly strive to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes. Our tendency toward empathy gives us the insight to what the expectations and needs are of our clients and their families.

  • Supportive Service – We understand that our business is one of service, to children, seniors and the family members who need support taking care of them.

Annie Kares believes in balanced expression: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. All these expressions are needed to be intact, together with self-reflection, in order for the Annie Kares team to be in tune with our clients.

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